Bloc D in three words

Victor Echeverria – Founder & Creative Director


We are convinced that empathy connects us and is the key to the success of any relationship, because it is the link between a brand and its public. It's only through empathy that we can put ourselves in the shoes of our clients and that of their users or consumers, to handle projects in a more human and close way.

Marta Vives – Account Director

Antón Molina – Associated & Art Director

Yasmina Lancina – Creative Director

Xènia Pigrau – Account Director


Creativity is part of our essence, but also effectiveness. We understand design and communication as useful tools for brands and for society, used honestly and transparently.

Kike Segurola – Art Director

Sandra Galán – Graphic Designer

Jara Cerezuela – Digital Strategist

Santi Sánchez – Digital Designer


Meticulousness defines our way of working, speaks of our involvement and our dedication. It is synonymous with the care we have in looking and relooking at every project, every detail.

Jordi Marcó – Office Manager

Paula Gracia – Graphic Designer

Marta Pujol – Graphic Designer

Cristina Romero – Administration

Ivan Fernández y Joel Fernández – Graphic designers

Elvira Masllorens – Account Manager

Edu Paltor – Graphic Designer

Ismael Sala – Graphic Designer

For thirty years, empathy, essence, and meticulousness have defined Bloc D’s approach. They are pillars on which we have built a communications studio well known for its closeness, human quality, and professionalism.

In all this time, we have created routes for gastronomic events, we have readjusted the age range that comprises being young, we have raised awareness about safety and the environment, and we have celebrated a quarter of a century of one of the leisure leaders in Barcelona, as well as many other projects. However, undoubtedly, the most important thing is that, in all this time, we have had the good fortune to meet very talented people and work with them: our team, our partners and our clients.

Now, almost three decades later, we continue with the same enthusiasm as when we started, with the same desire to continue improving and building a studio capable of enhancing the soul and essence of each brand.