For Chocovic’s ‘From Craftsman to Craftsman’ campaign, we recover the brand’s craft essence, accompanying master chocolatiers.

The website design was created, its social networks were launched, and various communication materials were created, among which the Magazine stands out. We worked on the editorial design and contents of this annual publication that collects information, interviews and recipes from the brand’s ambassadors.

branding – market research – repositioning – brand architecture – brand essence – storytelling – editorial design – web design – social media strategy – audiovisual material – clips – shooting – copywriting – community management – creative direction – art direction

  • Portada del Magazine de Chocovic

  • Artículo de los embajadores de Chocovic

  • Interior del Magazine de Chocovic

  • Receta de tableta de chocolate del magazine de Chocovic

  • Receta del magazine de Chocovic

  • Interior del magazine de Chocovic, entrevista a Sergi Vela

  • Cartela Escribà de Chocovic

  • Cartela de Vallflorida de Chocovic

  • Cartela Casa Manolo de Chocovic