We have transformed Marteliè, a small craft jewellery shop in Barcelona, into a consistent brand, capable of selling and communicating its value proposition without losing its essence.

We have defined a strategy to turn Marteliè into a unique and differentiated brand, worked on its corporate identity, art direction, packaging, communication through its social networks and the creation of a new website according to its new image.

branding – brand consulting – benchmarking – customer journey – brand essence – naming – corporate identity – storytelling – social media strategy – web design – web development – SEO on page – copywriting – community management – packaging – creative direction – art direction

  • Handmade jewelry making  

  • Marteliè wallpaper

  • Marteliè logo detail

  • Face and back of the Marteliè cards

  • Packaging boxes for Marteliè

  • Packs for Marteliè

  • Marteliè shopping bag

  • Marteliè jewellry cover

  • Marteliè interior brochure pages

  • Marteliè double pages

  • Marteliè jewellry postcards

  • Art direction for Marteliè shooting

  • Marteliè website homepage

  • Marteliè instagram feed