Mil hojas

For this Barcelona restaurant, we looked for a name that would speak of its garden and gastronomy. This is how Mil hojas came about. Synthesizing a sheet [hoja means sheet in Spanish] as a frame strengthens the name and makes it possible to create an application system.

Together with Untaller, we worked on interior design to enhance the naturalness of the space and maintain the brand’s personality. We created its website and applied a social media strategy.

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  • Exterior del restaurante Mil hojas

  • Detalle de las tarjetas del Mil hojas

  • Carta de postres del Mil hojas

  • Entrada del restaurante Mil hojas

  • Platos e interiorismo del Mil hojas

  • Detalle del interior del restaurante Mil hojas

  • Mesas del interior del Mil hojas

  • Buffet de desayuno del restaurante Mil hojas

  • Jardín interior de noche, Mil hojas

  • Página web del restaurante Mil hojas